Electrotex Enschede

For over six decades, Electrotex Enschede Holland has excelled in Seam detectors for the textile industrie.

INNOVATORS of Seam detector (seam scanner) devices.

Electrotex Enschede Holland has been developing and manufacturing seam detectors for the textile industry since 1953.

The company’s core activities include the development and manufacturing of seam detectors for special applications as well as for detection of the most commonly used types of seams in the textile, plastics and paper industries.
Commonly used seams include Merrow, flat, rolled and lapped seams with one, two or three threads.


As the timely detection of seams or increases in thickness of a fabric or paper web is of critical importance, Electrotex has developed a fully self-adjusting seam detector (seam scanner) called the “Nahtwächter®”, which is available in several versions for different material thicknesses.
The device detects seams in a short time and sends a control signal to the machine’s hydraulic system, causing it to raise the calender roller or in a shearing machine for the lifting of the shearing cylinder, and if available, the brushing roller..

Roller pair

Detector Head

Control box

Inductive Controller

Control cabinet with 2 timesettings

Hydraulic lift

Hydaulic Valve

1. Roller pair

2. Detector Head

3. Control box

4. Inductive Controller

5. Control cabinet with 2 timesettings

6. Hydraulic lift

7. Hydaulic Valve

Nahtwächter NW-I

Nahtwächter NW-2D

Nahtwächter NW-4D

Nahtwächter NW-6D